Thursday, February 20, 2014

Broken Bones & New Tunes

Two things. Davy broke her arm on Valentine's day. She has been so brave. I am once again confronted with the truth that we can't fix our kids or spare them from all the hurts of the world. That pain hopefully leads us out of this world and ushers us into an eternal one. I have just been praying for her and over her and we have had many sweet conversations about God as our healer and how obedience protects us.


Totally unrelated. Chris has told me two things about music ever since I have known him. 1) In the land of music the song is king. 2) Good music ALWAYS finds a way out. Well, suffice to say, this kid is king. Are you listening to the UK's Sam Smith? We can't get enough of him here at the Pearson household.
  Happy Thursday!

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